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Style options

With TALO's solution, the client has the flexibilty to choose the design, cladding, windows, doors and roofing.

 We supply different types of wooden cladding from the factory, as well as windows and external doors readily installed in our elements. 

For Brick and render exterior, the walls are delivered with battens, facade panels or render boards.


Modern houses, urban houses, traditional houses.

Brick & Render

The elements are installed with a suitable wind- and waterproof outdoor panel or render board at the factory, so that finishing easily can be done on site.

Wooden cladding

TALO straight grained spruce cladding is pre-painted, stained or pressure impregnated
after your choice and is readily installed
to the elements at the factory.

Windows and sliding doors

We offer triple glazed low energy windows and sliding doors in wood-aluminium or aluminium-aluminium. Choose from standard colours or request special colour codes.

Thermal doors

A high level of craftsmanship can be seen in the quality and design of our door product range, which includes painted and wooden exterior doors and aluminum framed glass terrace doors.

Roofing of your choice

Choose any type of roofing solution and we will design and install the correct underlayment accordingly
so that roofing easily can be installed on site.


Roof tiles have a classic look which suit
most roof types and are available in both
clay and concrete.

Roofing and membranes

Roof coverings are suitable for flat
or tilted roofs and todays modern products offer good strengt and longevity.

Roofing sheets

Roofing sheets have sleek lines
however suit both modern and traditional homes. 

Steel roof plates

Textured steel roof plates are weather
resistant and give a seamless and durable finish.