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Modern, urban and traditional builds. The TALO® solution provides flexibility in design.

Brick & Render

 Wind- and waterproof panel pre-installed for on-site render, brick-skin or brick-slip.

Wooden cladding

Superior quality pre-installed straight grained spruce.  Pre-painted, stained or pressure treated.

Windows and sliding doors

Triple-glazed low energy windows, sliding doors and patio doors pre-installed.

Thermal doors

 Painted and wooden low energy exterior doors pre-installed.

The Posi-Strut™ intermediate floor structure

Combining the lightness of timber with the strength of the steel web, the Posi-Strut™ enables to span far greater distances than would be possible with alternative timber products, allowing a variety of internal room layouts within an external shell.

Roofing of choice

With TALO® any type of roofing solution can be chosen. TALO® will design and install the correct underlay 
so that roofing easily can be completed once the house installation is complete.

Roof tiles

Underlay and battens installed,
ready for roof tiles.

Roofing and membranes

OSB-board installed,
ready for for roof membrane.

Roofing sheets

Battens installed,
ready for roof sheets.