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Commercial developments

Why choose TALO?

TALO is the choice of several professional builders and has implemented a wide range of elementary projects to more demanding projects; from individual homes, terraced houses, multiple residential buildings, daycare centers to nurseries, barns and horse stables.

We also deliver bespoke infill elements for larger apartment buildings. 

Terraced houses

TALO partner - solving the national crisis together

With TALO you will be able to improve your work efficiency. Your project is completed in a rapid and cost-effective way and you will be able to reach your next contract faster. The benefits of a partnership, are visible in the fact that you will be able to plan for the future with confidence in the familiar, reliable delivery process.

Infill elements

Infill elements can be ordered in different sizes and dimensions with different choices of insulation thickness and cladding. Due to the stable frames, windows and doors can be installed in the factory without getting damaged during transport and lift.