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About TALO Elements Ltd

Housing construction in the UK is expensive and the quality of many finishes in the market do not meet future environmental and quality requirements. When investing in a house, either as a private home owner or as a commercial project developer, it should provide good return on invested capital.

This is where we come in.

TALO not only offer fast turnover but offer no compromise, cost-efficient, low energy housing - for all!. With structured healthy work processes in place, your projects can be carried out in considerably shorter time - at a lower cost.


Our houses are manufactured in Finland. We have close to 40 years of experience in production and delivery of

 prefabricated houses and wooden infill elements and have buildt thousands of bespoke builds. All certified materials and originate from Finnish forests and are refined in our own sawmill.


Finland is one of the finest places in the world for cultivating trees, and the slow growth contributes to the timber being straight. The wood has a low amount of quilt and has a smooth and fine pattern, making it first-class material for construction of houses. The materials are kept dry throughout the entire production and supply chain, up until the building is installed watertight on site.


The installation process is well planned and it only takes days for our skilled, ISO certified installers to set up a house.

Element construction not only simplifies the work of the carpenters but also the other diciplines who can work in a dry, warm environment with significantly less construction pollution, noise and work-related injuries.